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Mickey’s Diner in St Paul, founded in 1939, is an iconic 24-hour restaurant. It is a well-known establishment famous for its traditional American fare.

A must-visit place in St Paul is Mickey’s Diner. Located inside an old railcar, this diner gives off Art Deco vibes and has a warm atmosphere. They serve all the classic comfort foods like burgers, pancakes, and milkshakes — so you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Open 24/7 it’s perfect for late-night snacks or early morning breakfasts.

The diner has been featured in movies and TV shows which only adds to its character. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Mickey’s Diner offers a one-of-a-kind look at American food history that should not be passed up.

The Timeless Appeal Of Mickey’s Diner

Mickey’s Diner in St. Paul is a beloved icon. It has charmed visitors since 1939. Its timeless appeal attracts people of all ages. The diner offers a unique experience that blends history with modernity.

Mickey’s Diner, located in St. Paul, is an iconic institution. Since 1939, it has been enchanting all who visit. The timeless quality that it possesses draws people of every age; this place is truly like no other.

Stepping Back In Time

Once you walk into Mickey’s Diner you feel as though you’ve taken a step back in time. The interior boasts vintage décor and classic jukebox tunes for your listening pleasure while sitting in one of their original booths or at the counter top where many others before have rested their elbows over a warm cup of coffee thinking about life’s endless possibilities.

The warm nostalgic feeling that fills the air brings us closer together than ever before. Waitstaff don traditional uniforms serving up those good ole’ fashioned American dishes we grew up eating: hearty breakfasts, juicy burgers and fries followed by thick milkshakes with just enough malt powder added to take us right back into our childhood memories from long ago – every meal here feels special because each bite transports me to another simpler time I’d almost forgotten existed until now!

Iconic Architecture

The architecture alone makes Mickey’s Diner an icon among diners anywhere else on Earth– it was designed during the 30s when art deco became popularized across America (and beyond). Housed inside what appears like a railroad car with stainless steel paneling accented by neon lights & glass blocks that can be seen for miles away; this joint doesn’t just stand out among its peers but also Hollywood producers who’ve come knocking more than once wanting their latest blockbuster filmed right here! Oh yeah… did we mention? It’s even been designated as such by one (or maybe two?) local historical societies which means they can’t tear her down no matter how many people might want something new instead…

Feature Description
Opening Year 1939
Architectural Style Art Deco
Design Railroad Car
Landmark Status Historical Landmark

To go to Mickey’s Diner is like time travel; a little bit of history, food, and community all mixed together. No matter if you’re from around here or just passing through, it’s one place that won’t be forgotten.

Mickey's Diner St Paul: A Retro Culinary Gem!

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A Journey over the Menu

Welcome to Mickey’s Diner in Saint Paul, where history meets good food. Since 1939, this classic diner has been serving up delicious meals. Let’s look at some of the dishes that will make your mouth water.

Traditional American Breakfasts

Get your day off to a hearty start with breakfast. At Mickey’s Diner you can find all of your favorite traditional American breakfast foods. Fluffy pancakes, golden waffles and crispy bacon are just a few examples.

  • Pancake Stack: Three fluffy pancakes served with maple syrup.
  • Waffle Delight: Golden waffle topped with fresh berries.
  • Bacon and Eggs: Crispy bacon served with scrambled eggs.

Pair your breakfast with a hot cup of coffee or choose freshly squeezed orange juice – every bite is sure to be the perfect beginning to your day.

Lunchtime Favorites

Lunchtime at Mickey’s Diner offers a variety of tasty options. Sink your teeth into juicy cheeseburgers; try our homemade soups or salads

CheeseburgerA juicy beef patty topped with melted cheese.
Club SandwichLayers of turkey, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on toasted bread.
Grilled CheeseGolden, buttery bread with melted cheese inside.

Every plate is served with crispy fries or a fresh salad. Have a satisfying lunch that will make you coming back for more.

Cravings at the Wee Hours

Mickey’s Diner never closes. This makes it ideal for those who have cravings in the middle of the night. The meatloaf dinner and a hearty bowl of chili are just among the many savory selections.

  • Meatloaf Dinner: Classic meatloaf that comes with mashed potatoes and gravy.
  • Hearty Chili: A bowlful of spicy chili topped with cheese.
  • Chocolate Sundae: Ice cream drenched in chocolate sauce, crowned with cherry on top.

Whether it’s twelve or two, the diner has everything to offer. Feast on comfort foods twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Behind The Counter: Where Mickey’s Pumps

Mickey’s Diner located in St. Paul is not your typical eatery; it’s an iconic establishment with a great story behind it. But all the magic takes place right behind the counter — that’s where Mickey’s heart beats loudest.

Family-owned Quirk

It might seem like any other old-school joint but Mickys is actually still run by its original owners, who have passed down this gem from one generation to another; therefore, giving off an extra bit of charm that no other place can replicate.

The family ensures they keep things as authentic as possible while maintaining its vintage appeal and warm ambiance which will make anyone feel like part of their kin upon visiting their establishment.

OwnershipFamily-owned for generations
AmbianceClassic and friendly
ExperienceFeels like home

Staff Stories

At Mickey’s Diner, the staff are not mere employees. They are raconteurs who regale customers with stories from the diner’s past. They know the regulars by name and treat everyone like family.

One cook has been flipping burgers for over two decades, and he loves telling his tales to new customers. Another server has worked at Mickey’s for 15 years; she knows every nook and cranny of the joint and its history.

Cook – 20 years Server – 15 years

Staff – Friendly, knowledgeable

It is the dedication of staff that makes Mickey’s a special place. Their stories enrich your experience of dining there. You don’t just eat at Mickey’s — you become part of it.

Mickey's Diner St Paul: A Retro Culinary Gem!

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Mickey in the World of Entertainment

The place called Mickey’s Diner, located at St. Paul offers more than food for people to eat. It is an iconic area for popular culture as a whole. The single design and appeal of this place has made it one of the most loved places by actors and producers. The following sections will discuss why it remains so famous.

Appearance in Movies and TV Shows

Mickey’s Diner has been featured in numerous films, as well as TV programs. It is an ideal setting for any vintage look required on screen. Amongst these movies, “The Mighty Ducks” features the diner in one of its main scenes, while “Jingle All the Way” also showcases it; not forgetting about television shows too since many have been shot here due to its versatility with different types of scenes.

A Favorite among Celebrities

Celebrities love going to Mickey’s Diner when they are around town – considered a must-see spot within Saint Paul itself! For instance Julia Roberts was recently seen having lunch there during her visit last year; even our beloved late Prince himself used to frequent this joint quite often according those who knew him best such as close friends or family members… Not only did he like hanging out at Mickey’s because according them what attracted other stars like Kevin Costner or John Travolta were its atmosphere along with some great dishes served up by friendly staff members which made everything seem just perfect all-around – so much so that sometimes it feels like Mickey might be another star!

How to Visit Mickey’s Diner

Mickey’s Diner is a classic 24-hour diner in St. Paul that has been serving delicious meals since 1939. This beloved landmark provides a snapshot into the city’s rich history and should not be missed when visiting this area of Minnesota!

Morning (6 AM – 9 AM)Great for breakfast lovers. Less crowded.
Afternoon (12 PM – 2 PM)Perfect for a quick lunch. Moderate crowd.
Evening (6 PM – 8 PM)Ideal for dinner. Can get busy.
Late Night (10 PM – 2 AM)Best for night owls. Unique late-night vibe.

Hints For First-Timers

Never been to Mickey’s Diner before? Here are some recommendations to make the most of your time:

  • Get the Buttermilk Pancakes – they’re famous!
  • Order a classic Diner Milkshake.
  • Bring cash for easy payment.
  • Go early to beat the rush.
  • Take pictures of the retro decor.
  • Have fun! Mickey’s is a historic treasure with amazing food.

The Secret Recipe: What Makes Mickey’s Special

Mickey’s Diner in St. Paul is more than just a place to eat. It has been a local institution with deep roots within the community since its establishment. What sets this diner apart from others? Let’s take a look.

Recipes That Haven’t Changed

One thing that has made Mickey’s successful over all these years are their recipes that have remained untouched. They’ve been serving up classics since 1939 and people can’t get enough. Some of their menu items include:

  • Burgers
  • Hotdogs
  • Pancakes
  • Milkshakes

These dishes taste exactly how they did back then. Chefs use fresh ingredients and original recipes so flavors stay true and delicious.

Community Vibes

A huge part of what makes Mickey’s Diner special is its sense of community. Open 24 hours, it welcomes everyone at any hour of day or night. People come here to eat, talk, and unwind; often regulars will know each other as well as staff by name.

What draws people back again and again is this:

Friendly AtmosphereStaff treat everyone like family.
Open 24/7Always open for a meal or a chat.
Historic BuildingDiner has a vintage charm.

People feel at home here. This makes Mickey’s Diner a beloved spot in St. Paul.

Customer Narratives And Comments

Saint Paul’s Mickey’s Diner is more than a restaurant. It’s a place where stories are made and told; people come back for the food as well as the memories. Here are some of them:

Noteworthy visits

Many customers look back on their first time at Mickey’s Diner with fondness; it’s often where moments happen.

One such moment happened when John said, “I proposed to my wife here – we come back every year for our anniversary.” Mary shared another story: “I met my best friend at Mickey’s. We became friends over their famous pancakes.”

The environment and welcoming staff make each trip unique. Sarah remembers, “They know what I want when I walk in the door – it feels like home.”

Generations of diners

For years now Mickey’s has been feeding families throughout different times; this holds true today still, as many see going there as part of their upbringing.

James adds onto this sentiment by saying “My grandparents used to bring me here when I was little… now I take my kids.” This historic diner has served as the backdrop for countless family memories.

Mickey’s also does its part in fostering multi-generational patronage; people who went there as children often come back with their own kids once they grow up.

Lisa says that she has pictures of her relatives visiting this establishment from the 1950s: “It’s amazing how much hasn’t changed over time…”

Preserving a Slice of St Paul History

Mickey’s Diner is not just a restaurant in St Paul – it is an integral part too. Since opening its doors in 1939, this iconic diner has been serving customers day and night without fail till present times; it never sleeps! With its art deco design and classic feel-good American diner atmosphere Mickey’s stands out even among other similar establishments thereby becoming one beloved landmark after another throughout our great nation.

Designation as a heritage site and efforts towards preservation

Mickey’s Diner is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. This helps protect against drastic changes being made to it. There are continuous attempts being made at restoring its original structure; even today people still work hard to maintain that unique architectural design coupled with keeping an authentic vintage interior intact which has endeared generations past – present

1939Opening of Mickey’s Diner
1983Added to the National Register of Historic Places

The Future of Mickey’s Diner

Making sure that the future is bright for Mickey’s Diner requires a community effort. Local residents and historians collaborate in order to keep it thriving. They want it to retain its historic charm while still catering for modern needs. The establishment still draws tourists and locals alike.

  • Continuous maintenance work and restoration projects
  • Community backing backed with fundraising events
  • Adaptation so as to meet current health standards and safety requirements

Preservation of Mickey’s Diner means that coming generations can also experience its uniqueness; this historical artifact remains significant in Saint Paul’s cultural history.

Mickey's Diner St Paul: A Retro Culinary Gem!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Mickey’s Diner Known For?

Mickey’s Diner is famous for its classic American diner experience. It’s a historic landmark in St. Paul, known for its 24/7 service and delicious comfort food.

Where Is Mickey’s Diner Located?

Mickey’s Diner is located in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. The exact address is 36 7th Street West, easily accessible for locals and tourists.

Is Mickey’s Diner Open 24/7?

Yes, Mickey’s Diner is open 24/7. You can enjoy their hearty meals and nostalgic atmosphere anytime, day or night.

What Kind Of Food Does Mickey’s Diner Serve?

Mickey’s Diner serves classic American diner fare. Their menu includes burgers, fries, milkshakes, and all-day breakfast options.


Mickey’s Dinner in St. Paul is a place to eat that brings back old memories and can’t be found anywhere else. You need to go there if you’re looking for something different, because of its originality and good food. This classic location will leave any person happy whether they live locally or not. It is too good of an opportunity to pass up this staple restaurant right downtown Saint Paul!

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