Buc-Ee'S Restaurant Menu

Buc-ee’s restaurant menu offers a variety of delicious options, from BBQ sandwiches to fresh pastries. Enjoy snacks, drinks, and meals all in one place.

Buc-ee’s is a chain of gas stations and stores that was established in 1982. Since then, the Buc ee’s menu has evolved immensely, but there are some fan favorites for you to try out. What makes Buc-ee’s different is they have a large variety of foods. That means it’s a great idea to test out their menu. Not only is everything fresh, but the fact that you get to pick from a large offer makes it a wonderful option to consider.

Buc-ee’s restaurant menu: The breakfast menu

When you browse the Buc ee’s restaurant menu, one of the first things you see is the breakfast menu. Buc-ee’s offers some very interesting options for breakfast, and they are reasonably priced too. A breakfast burrito is around $3.99, whereas a cinnamon roll is $2.99. The breakfast menu also covers a kolache, taco, or biscuits and gravy. 

While the breakfast menu is not massive, you are getting some good foods on the affordable side. Even the biscuits and gravy option, which is $6.49 and the most expensive on the menu is actually cheaper when compared to other places.

Buc-ee’s sandwiches

Aside from the Buc-ee’s breakfast menu, you can also find a lot of other foods on their menu as well. Sandwiches are a great option for them, and again, prices are not that high either. The cheapest sandwich at Buc-ee’s is the Sausage Sandwich at $4.99. The most expensive one is the XXL brisket, priced at $12.99. 

But there are options in between those prices, like the Turkey sandwich, the Sliced Brisket, the Signature Club Sandwich, Pastrami Reuben Sandwich, or the Chopped Brisket Sandwich. If you want to buy a sandwich at Buc-ee’s, you can expect them to charge around $8 on average. Yet, as we said, there are cheaper and more expensive options depending on what you like.

Buc-ee’s restaurant menu snacks

One of the main offerings at Buc-ee’s when it comes to food is certainly their vast number of snacks. Their snacks are legendary in Texas, and they made a name for themselves with their great taste and value for money. Of course, it’s up to you to choose the type of food that fits your needs. Here are some of the main options when it comes to snacks:

  • Buc-ee’s menu beaver nuggets, at $8.95, you get multiple nuggets, and it’s one of the tastiest options on the menu. Plus, you can easily combine that with a drink, and you’re on your way. There are sea-salted caramel, cinnamon sweet options, too.
  •  Candied pecans are also a good one, because you have sweet and crunchy pecans that can be a very good meal for a lot of people.
  • Trail Mix is a good option if you want a proper mix of dried fruit, seeds, and nuts. Granted, it’s for those who want to eat healthily, but it’s definitely a very good one to find on the restaurant menu at Buc-ee’s.
Buc-Ee's Restaurant Menu: Delight in Texas-Sized Flavors!

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Freshly Prepared Meals And Sides

Buc-Ee’s offers tender brisket that melts in your mouth. The sausage is smoky and flavorful. Both are cooked to perfection. You will enjoy every bite. Perfect for a hearty meal.

The mac ‘n’ cheese is creamy and cheesy. The baked beans are sweet and savory. Both make excellent sides. They complement the BBQ dishes well. You will love the combination.

Decadent Desserts And Treats

Buc-Ee’s offers a wide range of famous fudge. They have many flavors to choose from. Each piece is rich and creamy. Their pastries are also top-notch. You can find freshly baked cookies and brownies. They also have delicious muffins and scones. Every bite is a treat for your taste buds.

Their ice cream is a must-try. It comes in many flavors. Each scoop is smooth and tasty. Buc-Ee’s also sells candied nuts. These nuts are crunchy and sweet. They make a great snack. Both ice cream and nuts are perfect for a quick treat.

Buc-Ee's Restaurant Menu: Delight in Texas-Sized Flavors!

Jerky options at Buc-ee’s

What we like about the Buc ee’s menu is the fact that they also give you access to some jerky. As we know, a lot of people like to eat some jerky, especially since it’s flavorful and full of nutrients along with vitamins. That being said, at Buc-ee’s, you can find jerky at a general price of $9.99 per portion.

That being said, the main jerky options are pork, turkey, and beef jerky. Their brand of jerky is not bad at all; it’s very tasty, and it can be a good meal to have whenever you feel hungry. The fact that it’s inexpensive is very impressive, too, which means you can get there and enjoy some good jerky whenever you see fit.

Sauces and rubs on the Buc-ee’s menu

When you browse the Buc ee’s restaurant menu, you will see that they also have sauces and rubs. They do have a variety of rubs and sauces from Buc-ee’s, but also a few from H-E-B and Whataburger. That being said, the offering is quite expansive; you have sauces like their Original BBQ sauce, the BBQ rub, Fajita seasoning rub, the Cajun seasoning rub, the Steak seasoning rub, and many others. It’s a great idea to check these out and see which ones fit your taste the most. They are all very flavorful, and that’s what matters. 

Buc-ee’s candies

Candies are also a part of the Buc-ee’s restaurant menu as well. However, when you want to pick candies, it’s a good idea to check out the offer to see what’s suitable for you. They have a ton of great candies, and all of them are under $9.99 most of the time. The Milk Chocolate Raisins are offered at that price, but you can also get the Sours Orange Blast at $4.95, for example. 

Other favorites in the Buc-ee’s offerings include the Brittle, Overbites Chocolate, along with the Cotton Candy, Mini Cookies Tubs, or the Salt Water Taffy. If you want some great candy when you’re visiting Buc-ee’s, you will not be disappointed.

The best nuggets at Buc-ee’s

As we said earlier, Buc-ee’s has nuggets, but which are the best ones? The Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets, while they are the most basic, these are also the tastiest ones for a lot of people. And at $5.45, it’s hard to argue. 

There are other options, like the Beaver Nuggets Cinnamon Sweet at $8.95, which are also worth considering. You can also get the Beaver Nuggets Seas Salt Caramel option. Or, depending on what you like, you can choose the White Cheddar, Nuggets Chocolate, or Twists White Fudge Nuggets. One thing is certain: if you like nuggets, then Buc-ee’s is definitely a place you should stop by!

Buc-ee’s beverages

It’s also important to note that Buc-ee’s has lots of beverages too, and they are also quite affordable. Iced Coffee at Buc-ee’s costs $2.49, and it’s a hot seller; it’s easy to see why. Fountain Drinks are a good option to consider, there are plenty of soda flavors to choose from at $1.79. And then we also have the frozen lemonade, which can be a refreshing drink to have at $2.99. Of course, if you go to the Buc-ee’s supermarket, you are bound to find many other drinks, but the aforementioned ones are on the Buc-ee’s menu!

The most popular foods at Buc-ee’s

As you can see from the restaurant menu at Buc ee’s, there are lots of options for everyone. That being said, some foods have become a staple for Buc-ee’s, and they are very popular. A very common option includes the beaver nuggets, which are very well-priced and super tasty. In addition, the Brisket Sandwich is also hugely popular, a must-try if you’re at Buc ee’s, especially at its $7.99 price.


The Buc-ee’s restaurant menu is packed with incredible foods, and it’s also very well priced. You have lots of options, and there are even different menu bundles depending on the Buc-ee’s location you are visiting. It’s also important to keep in mind that Buc-ee’s is open 24/7, so you can go there at any time to buy your food. 

However, if you want to access the Buc-ee’s breakfast menu, it’s available from 4 AM to 11 AM only. From then to 10 PM, you can access the barbecue sandwiches. Rest assured that checking out the Buc ee’s restaurant menu is worth trying out, so give it a shot when you are near one of the Buc-ee’s locations!

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